quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

Noticias do meu Jardim/News from my garden

O meu marido resolveu fazer uma casa nova para a nossa tartaruga. Com tábuas de madeira cobertas por um plástico resistente, fez-lhe uma espécie de charco, com uma rampa para ela poder trepar para a sua 'esplanada'!
E acrescentou uma espécie de guarda-sol!
Ela parece gostar!!!

My husband decided to make a new home for our turtle.
With planks of wood covered with a durable plastic, he made sort of marsh, with a ramp so could climb to its ‘esplanade’'! He even added a kind of umbrella for shadow!
I think the turtle like it!

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  1. :)
    I have to take a picture when he goes to his 'terrace' having sun's bath!

  2. the turtle looks like it's having fun under the water, I love turtles too but I don't own one. With my busy lifestyle, about the only pets I can have are birds. I was looking at your list of likes and I love Carmen too. I have a painting in my dining room that reminds me of her, you can see it here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_EGThNtJgnxI/S8aMx2-ARsI/AAAAAAAAAkM/tjr4-LnNPMI/s1600/DSC04829.JPG

    I also love Mary Poppins and since I live near Disneyland, I visit about twice a month and I always stop to watch her sing in front of the castle. I'll post pictures of her and I'll let you know so you can see them.

  3. Thank you Maria, for your visit!
    My turtle is now 17 years. It is not a demanding pet, actually.
    I can see what you meaning, about the paiting.
    I will love to see the pictures of Mary Poppins, thank you!!


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