terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010

Últimos Trabalhos/Last Works

Ultimamente, o tempo parece que foge à minha frente! Necessitava de um dia com 36 horas! Talvez assim, conseguisse dar vazão a tudo o que tenho para fazer!!
No entanto, aqui estão alguns dos últimos trabalhos.
Estes dois alfineteiros foram feitos para o dia da mãe (para a minha mãe e para a minha sogra) e inspirei-me neste que vi no blog Homemade Mamas.
Lately, it seems that time runs in front of me! I needed a day with 36 hours, maybe than I could do all that I have to do!
Here are some of my recent works.
These two pincushion were made for Mother's Day (for my mother and my mother-in-law) and I was inspired by this one on Homemade Mamas'blog.
Este alfineteiro foi feito para uma aniversariante e inspirei-me neste do blog mmmcrafts.
This pincushion was made for a birthday girl and I was inspired by this one on mmmcrafts' blog.

E, por fim, resolvi fazer um projecto para eu e a minha filhota brincarmos:
And finally, I decided to do a fun project for me and my daughter:

Tendo-me inspirado e seguido estas instruções do site Kaboose.
Todos muito simples mas, muito divertidos!
I follow these instructions from Kaboose site.
All these projects were very simple to make yet, I had a lot of fun!!

10 comentários:

  1. I love the pin cushions you made for Mother's Day. Absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Thanks Rachel!
    To do the leaves and the flowers I used the same sizzix die that I used in the brooch (the happy easter's post).

  3. Oh my!Your projects are just wonderful! Yet my favorites are the pincushions. They are gorgeous! Both your mothers would be thrilled!
    And thank you for linking. I always want to discover new blogs - hence new treasures :)

  4. I think they like it (here in Portugal, mother’s day is in first Sunday of May so, it was last Sunday) although, at first they thought that was a little box, they tried to remove the cover to see underneath! Lol
    But, I think it can be a good idea either…an idea is coming! ;)

  5. very cute snowglobe! i need to try that out!

  6. Do try! It is really very simple and it is great to reuse jars! My own advice it is to wait for a couple hours that the glue stick before put it in water.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! How sweet is this flower pot pin cushion...I want to make one :)

  8. Thanks, claire!
    I enjoy very much your blog, you have cool ideas! :)

  9. I saw that violet pin cushion and hope to try it out too. I like the way yours have turned out. Thanks for commenting on my blog too :-)

  10. Hello Mid-Craft Crisis (that is an awesome name)!! Wellcome to my blog! Thank you for your complement!! :)


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