segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

24 prontos! (ready)

Só os consegui acabar ontem quase á meia-noite!
I finished them yesterday, it was almost midnight!

Fiz dois, personalizados para as professoras (a minha ideia inicial também era personalizar a das crianças mas, ontem à meia-noite já não estava com pica!!!).
I made two, personalized, to the teachers. My initial idea, was personalize the children's bags too but at midnight I didn't have energy for more!

Amanhã, mostro as coisas da festa de sábado!
Tomorrow I'll show the stuff that I made to the saturday's party.

5 comentários:

  1. Thank you Rachel!!!
    I like the way they turn out but I'm relieve that is over!!! It was exausting!

  2. oh my, that looks like a lot of work!!! Amazing!

  3. wow! they look so nice! I like that you used different colors of denim.The handles sewn on the outside look cool.

  4. @ Elizabeth - yes they were! not sure how I survived! ;) (we actually eat in the floor a couple of times, cause our table was a bit overload!!)

    @ Stefi - thank you! to be complete honnest, I sew the handles on the outside by mistake!!! LOL! Just figure that half way through and then I didn't have courage or time to dissemble them! But, in the end, I also thought they look cool!! ;)


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