terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2010

A preguiça é a mãe de todos os vicios/Laziness is the mother of all vices

Consegui chegar ao fim-de-semana! Nada mau! Como hoje é feriado, ontem usamos um dia de férias e ficamos com 4 dias. Foi óptimo para ajudar a recuperar das constipações/gripes, estamos muito melhor.
Tenho andado muito ocupada, embora de uma forma lentinha. Consegui arrumar as roupas todas da pequena papgena e entretive-me a fazer...
I have reached the weekend! Not bad! As today is an holiday, yesterday we used a vacation day and we get 4 days. It was great to help recover from colds / flu, we are much better.
I've been very busy but in a slow motion kind of away. I Managed to get all the little Papgena’s clothes organized and I’ve been doing...
...2 pares de caneleiras (será assim que se chamam?):
...a couple of leg warmers:
…pus bolsos num casaco, como fiz a este
...I put pockets in a jacket as I did to this one
…fiz uma espécie de disfarce de branca-de-neve seguindo uma ideia da Adrianna
...I did a kind of snow-white dress, following Adrianna's idea

…Desmanchei dois vestidos e transformei-os em saias
…I dissemble two dresses and converted them into skirts

…fiz mais um pouco na prenda de natal
...I did a little more in the christmas present
E foi isto que eu fiz nas férias (para a tia do meu marido, dona da casa em que estivemos)
And this is what I did on vacation (to one of my husband's aunt, mistress of the house where we were)

PS1 – Hoje a República Portuguesa faz 100 anos! :) Estou contente de viver numa republica e fazer parte da União Europeia mas, é triste comemorar 100 anos numa altura tão dificil e com tendência a piorar! :(
- Today the Portuguese Republic is celebrating 100 years! :) I'm glad to live in a republic and become part of the European Union but, sad to celebrate 100 years at a time so hard and likely to get worse!

PS2 – comecei o sétimo livro da saga roda do tempo, estou a lê-lo em inglês e estou muito orgulhosa de mim própria :) alguém já leu? De forma a podermos trocar opiniões? Entre os meus amigos ninguém me seguiu nesta minha febre ( no ano passado consegui pegar a febre da saga Millenium mas, lemos todos em português).
- I started the seventh book of ‘the wheel of time’ saga, I'm reading it in English and I'm very proud of myself! :) anyone read it? So we can exchange ideas? Among my friends no one followed me on this (last year I managed to spread the fever of the Millennium saga but we all read it in portuguese).

PS3 – porque estou preguiçosa? Porque ainda não tentei fazer a saia plissada de que falei no post anterior, nem desmanchei o meu projecto das camisas de ganga, continuo sem ideias! :P Tenho descurado os blogs, que sigo, e os meus emails e as fotografias que tenho tirado são extremamente básicas (e sem passar nada a ferro).
- Why am I lazy? Because I din’t tried to make the pleated skirt yet, that I spoke of in my previous post, I didn’t do anything on my project of denim shirts, either, still no ideas! : P I've neglected the blogs I follow and my emails and the photos I've taken are extremely basic (and without iron anything).

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  1. I have those days too where I don't follow through on what I commit myself to do, but it's okay. I do so many other things that I don't feel guilty.

    I'm sorry to hear that times are bad in Portugal, I guess other countries have it worse than the U.S. The economy is bad but we still carry on with life.

    The books you are reading must be a really interesting.

    By the way, I like the look of your blog the colors are really nice.

  2. @ Maria: Thank you for your sweet words!
    To be honnest, I think every corner of the world, is going bad but, obviously, we felt most for our little corner!

    The 'wheel of time' is great! It's a fiction saga, in a invented land, with lots of countries, people, habits: it's a world completely different (as in the 'lord of the rings'), there is a battle between good and evil, but the characters are not bi-dimensional (all good or bad, they have qualities as faults), there is plots, and politics, alliances and romantic envolvements. It's really addict!
    Millenium saga is from a sweden author, Stieg Larsson, and it's in our days. The 3 books are a kind of a police mistery, but the story is great and suspense is fantastic. And also has this incredible and amazing female character! It's probably the most unexpected heroin that I ever encounter but, in my case, she took me all for her side!!

  3. You've been busy! Give yourself a little grace about the things you wish you would have done. We can't do it all! ;)

  4. Preguiçosa????!!!!
    Tanta coisa feita não rima com preguiçosa :)

  5. I think you've accomplished a lot. And your projects all look fantastic!

  6. Wow! You are an amazing seamstress!!! Look at you go! And no, I haven't read the wheel of time series but I hear they are good.

  7. The pictures you've posted are a kind of a disclaimer of you being lazy, doing nothing!
    You've done a lot of beautiful things, and you still have time to read!
    Unfortunately, I haven't even heard of "the wheel of time" - (Heloo, where have I landed from??) although it sounds as my type of reading.
    As for the creative block - there's not a living soul that hasn't experienced that, so you give yourself some time and you'll be back soon and rolling!

  8. @ Elizabeth: you're right, of course! But I keep push myself, I'm very hard on myself, sometimes!

    @ Meri: pois...é verdade! Mas, como por cada coisa feita tenho sempre 2 por fazer e talvez mais uma na cabeça... ;)

    @ Rachel: Thank you! It's the story of the half empty glass versus half full glass, I guess my tendency is allways to see a half empty glass.

    @ CK: Thank you! Oh the saga is great! very addictive!

    @ Maya; lol! Thank you! I only found out about 'the wheel of time' last year, so don't feel bad! My time to read, lately, is half an hour at lunch break (sometimes) and half an hour at end of the day when I wait for my husband to leave work, then we go pick our daughter and go home...and no more time to read!

  9. The pockets you added to your jacket are so cute. It's a detail that makes the garment look fun to wear and I'm sure you'll receive plenty of compliments for it.

  10. quem me dera que os meus ataques de preguicite aguda fossem tão produtivos :P Não é a primeira vez que me falam bem da saga Millenium... Acho que vou experimentar :)

  11. @ Stefi: I saw this idea on Martha Stewart site, in the begining of the year (I only had the ric-rac of my own).

    @ Sabi: se experimentares, não te esqueças de me dizeres se gostaste!! ;)

  12. Hey Papgena! Have you ever entered a craft link-up? I have a friend who is doing a link-up and it might be fun to have you join. She is always very thoughtful in checking all the blogs that link up. Here is her most recent link-up if you are interested: http://bugcreator.blogspot.com/2010/10/link-it-up-saturday-109.html

  13. Wow! I can't believe how much you can get done! That Christmas present is going to be amazing! I would love to learn to croche. Good job!

  14. @ CK: thanks! I'll check it out for sure!

    @ Becka: I like croche very much, I think it's very relaxing!


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