sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

3ª Prenda de Natal / 3rd gift for Christmas

Para o Pedro, um bébe que terá 6 meses em Dezembro, resolvi fazer uns cubos de pano personalizados. Assim podem servir como decoração e como brinquedo!
Não vou mostrar o processo todo porque há óptimos tutoriais por aí, como este ou este.
Este foi o principio:
To Pedro, a baby boy will be 6 months in December, I did some fabric cubes. I think they can be use both as a toy or decoration. There are a lot of wonderful tutorials like this one and this one that are very easy to follow.
This was my begining:

Cortei as letras em ganga pelo método tradicional, com o molde em papel por cima do tecido, neste caso ganga.
Dava-me mesmo um jeitaço encontrar um cortante da sizzix, com o alfabeto que cortasse tecido, o que tenho só corta papel ou espuma. Alguém conhece?
I cut each letter in the old fashion way, a paper pattern on the top of the fabric (in my case denim).  I would love to find a sizzix alphabet die wich cut fabric, anyone knows? (I have one that only cuts paper or EVA).

Dentro de cada cubo, além do recheio coloquei um sino que fechei num daqueles ovos de pástico que vêm nos ovos de chocolate. Fechei com cola quente por segurança. Não espero que o tecido rasgue mas, como é para um bébe...
Inside of each cube I put a bell that I closed in a plastic egg (the kind that comes inside of chocolat eggs) with hot glue. I don't expect that fabric tear apart but it's for a baby, so...


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  1. Love the fabric cubes. I always wanted to make some but never got round to do that. The fabric is cute and you made them even more interesting by placing a bell inside! What fun it'll be for little Pedro!!

  2. Que engraçada a ideia do sino :) não só é mais seguro como (acho eu) dentro do ovinho, o sino vai poder andar mais à vontade e fazer mais barulho!

  3. Great gifts! You are on a roll with gift making!

  4. These are adorable! Love the colors and that they are personalized with a name. Nice work!

  5. @ Maya: I was curious about making them too, so this was a good excuse!! ;)

    @ sabi: Espero que sim!!! :D para chamar toda a atenção do bébé!

    @ Elizabeth: Thank you! I have you to blame for it!!! ;)

    @ Gwen: Thank you! It was fun to make them.

  6. those are really adorable! i've made some before but without the letters.

    and thanks for being a part of the fall leaf guest post recently!

  7. It gives me idea for my upcoming gift
    Mine is for a baby girl, so maybe I shall pick girly colors

  8. @ The sleepy time: Thank you! I thought your post was delightful!!

    @Dewi Citra: Absolutely! :)
    I think that works well both for girl or boy.

    @ Meri:Obrigada!! :)
    Originalmente tinha pensado fazer mais um cubo com a inscrição da data de nascimento porque a ideia era ter oferecido quando ele nasceu.
    Mas como em Maio não consegui terminar, vai ser dada no Natal e acabei por não fazer esse cubo.

  9. What wonderful blocks! I love them!!!
    I was meaning to make some for my baby boy but never got around to actually doing so ... now he already plays with wooden blocks so I guess I will not make them after all. There simply is WAY too little time to make all the fun toys and clothes one wants to make!

    I love your idea with the bell inside that plastic egg. AWESOME! I have made some crochet balls and put a bell in there ... I just stuffed it in there. I am not too worried that the ball will come apart and baby boy will swallow it .... but I like things to be washable. And I am not sure whether metallic bells are really good for going in the washing machine. I just did it anyway ... but I was always wondering. You solution is so much better!!!
    And you know what? You could also put other stuff into the eggs. Like rice oder a few beans - and glue it together. It would be like a little shaker.

    By the way I did the onion thing. ;-) You know put an onion in the room where baby boy sleeps. Now for the first time in WEEKS he did not need nose drops anymore! So THANK YOU for that awesome idea! As I said I had heard of it before but for some reason never tried it and actually I would have not thought that it would work THAT well!!!

    And we also finally made a cardboard doghouse. Still did not have a really perfect box but figured my daughter does not really care about perfection anyway ... so why do I bother. :-) Once I get a photo of it I will post it on my blog and link to you.

    Have a great day!

  10. @ Ms Muffin: Oh I'm so glad the onion worked!!! When they cough all night is so stresseful for them, poor things!!
    I learn about the onion with the people of the day care, when my daughter was a baby. They also told me that you can do an infusion with the onion's skin and drink it (as a tea) and the cough stops. But that, I never tried.
    And the onion in the room helps people who have problems with snoring, so they said but, I don't know that either. But, with the cough it works every time!!

    I copletely understand the lack of the time. I have a to-do-list that is bigger every time. We just have to do choices!!! :)
    The idea of beans or rice is very cool too!! Thank you!! :)

    Oh I would love to see your doghouse! And you're right They don't care about perfection, children are much more simple, we have to learn with them!!! ;)

    Have a wonderful week!!

  11. @ CK: :D They are fun to play with! I made a 'test drive'! ;)


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