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De camisola a vestido/ From sweater to dress

Hoje vamos daqui:

Today, we go from this:

Para aqui:
To this:

Este projecto foi mais difícil do que eu contava!
Tudo começou com a camisola (tamanho 3 anos) que a pequena Papgena adora e que usou muitíssimo nos dois últimos invernos. A verdade é que um terceiro inverno seria impossível por isso, resolvi dar-lhe uma oportunidade para o verão.
Comecei por cortar-lhe as mangas e o decote.
This project was more difficult than I had antecipated!
It all started with a sweater (size 3 years) that little Papgena loves very much and used the past two winters. The truth is that a third winter it would be impossible so, I decided to give it an opportunity for the summer.
I started to cut the sleeves and the neckline:

Depois cozi no fundo a parte debaixo de um top preto e uma fita grega, cor-de-rosa, a toda a volta do decote e das aberturas dos braços. A verdade é que o decote era demasiado pronunciado por isso, fui buscar parte do que tinha cortado e acrescentei-lhe na parte superior do decote, tendo chegado aqui:
I then sew, in the bottom, a black top’s bottom and a ric-rac, pink, all the way around the neckline and arm openings. The truth is that the neckline was too sharp for that, I picked up part of what was cut and added to it at the top of the neckline and get this:

Cozi também um lacinho cor-de-rosa para disfarçar onde os pontos da máquina saíram do sítio….
I also sew a pink bow in order to disguise where the points of the machine left track....

No entanto, se a parte da frente estava resolvida, o facto de o decote ser tão pronunciado atrás tinha como consequência as alças estarem sempre a cair e portanto, tornar o vestido desconfortável. Depois de muito pensar optei por fazer duas coisas:
- cozer fitas cor-de-rosa, paralelas no decote atrás e
- diminuir as alças, cozendo um pouco na parte de dentro (mas, não cortei o tecido de forma a que para o ano, seja só descoser e o vestido fica uns 2 centímetros maior)
However, if the front was resolved, the straps were always falling and therefore, make the dress uncomfortable. After much thought I chose to do two things:
- I sew pink ribbons, in parallel at the back
- Reduce the handles, sewing a little on the inside (but I didn’t cut the fabric so, next year, it's just rip up and the dress is about a couple inches bigger)

Frente (Front)


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  1. Well, cottons and knits can really give a headache! Hooray for re-purposing!! In the end you've got a beautiful dress! May I suggest that with (black) leggings and a sweatshirt underneath little Papgena can acquire a totally different outfit.

  2. Aw! It looks great! I love the colors and the design!


  3. Excellent work! I love when I can reuse some of my daughter's favorite outgrown clothes.

  4. @ Elizabeth: thank you and yes it was, a big one, indeed!!
    @ Maya: UAU! Didn't think of that! Thank you for the tip!
    @ CK: thank you!
    @ Rachel: yes, we know that our clients will be pleased!! ;)

  5. it's great that you can fix what is not working. I like how it looks with the added fabric on the front, very cute. And what a great idea to keep the fabric at the bottom, you'll be able to give it a different look for later. Thanks for posting such great ideas.

  6. How cute!! I love repurposing and am so happy to see great examples of reusing clothing. Lucky little Papgena!

  7. @ Maria: Thank you so much, Maria! You're very kind. This was a challenge, I had an idea but I had to make changes because things weren't workout! But, in the end, I was happy with the result!

    @ Deborah: Thank you for your comment and visit!
    It's fun to be able to see her clothes last a little longer!


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